Buyers Guide.

Straight Window Poles

To make sure you receive the correct size of pole, it is very important to measure your poles using the following method.

First measure the width of your window. Which is marked as (A) in the diagram above.

Add on enough drawback allowance marked as (B) each side of the window to allow the curtains to be drawn back the desired distance.

The pole length will be the total of these measurements, marked as (C)

Then simply choose from our many finial designs, remembering that each finial may vary in size. The size of your complete assembled curtain pole will be the pole length plus the length of your selected finials.

Bay Window Poles

Always measure at the location where the poles will be fitted i.e above the window.

It is usually best not to try to make allowances for the brackets as this is allowed for in the manufacture.

Please include the chosen finial design in the measurements provided, stating where they are to finish. i.e flush with the wall. There is a message box at checkout to allow you to do this.

If you need any advice or have any questions please phone Helen on 01745 813245 or email us we will be happy to help.

16 mm Straight Curtain Pole

20 mm Straight Curtain Pole

25 mm Straight Curtain Pole

16 mm Bay Curtain Pole

20 mm Bay Curtain Pole